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January 2009
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Well, I'm on break and I know I said I'd update this every day (last login 19 weeks ago) and blablabla but school consumed me for the past couple of months.

Lots of exciting things are going currently for me. One of which is my ottr, Keyla, got here last week and is here till the 18th, so we've been catching up on 4 months would of movie watching and cuddles hehe. It's been really awesome. Other new things, my fursuit made by noblewolf is done and looks amazing, it should get here later this week. Pictures are at www.nightfur.net/suit/ if you want to check them out =) I can't wait to get it. Also, nightfur radio is getting ready for its 24/7 launch, Keyla is revamping the current website, Dasoslukos is readying the server side of the radio, and I'm keeping the radio DJ times all sorted it. Most of them are sorted out now.

Related to nightfur radio, I need someone to create a rave/techno-esque logo for the website. If anyone is good with photoshop or making logos please let me know and I'll give you more details on it =) 

Also, prior to the nightfur radio 24/7 launch, our goal is to get 50-100 revamped/new promos for the radio, so if you're good at writing or speaking and are interested please let me know as well.

So, with the nightfur radio 24/7 launch, my new fursuit, Keyla being in town, and pretty much enjoying some nice down time before school starts back up (next week), things are going busy, but in an awesomely good way.

Till Next time, whenever that may be!


Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Well, I got up today, took a shower, and opened my e-mail to find 26 livejournal messages :o 
Thanks for everyfur's warm welcome, it made my day :-D 
Still searching for a lot of furs, but I'll find them eventually hehe. On the docket for today hm, fooding is my next
plan. mmm >_> I was gonna go to get some paperwork done in town, but it downpoured today, the day after I washed my truck. (go figure) Anytime there is a drought, I'll just wash my car and it'll rain the next day. So, paperwork stuffs shall wait till tomorrow hehe, supposed to be nice and sunny. ^^

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Hehe! Its going to take me quite a while to find everyone on here.

Current Mood: accomplished

So many peoples o.o 
I should've gotten this sooner :o

Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

Ooh, I have a lj now, someone stole my name D:

Current Mood: irritatedirritated
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